Munchies & Potions: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Cookery With Cannabis


Munchies & Potions: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Cookery With Cannabis

Product Description

We’re delighted to introduce the first edition of Munchies & Potions: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Cookery With Cannabis.

You might have been thinking about cooking with cannabis for a while, but you just haven’t tried it yet. Maybe it’s because you’ve heard that it’s more complicated than just tossing a handful of herb into whatever dish you’re making. That’s true, it is — but the good news is that Crickets & Cannabis has done the hard work for you. We’ve distilled the craft of cannabis cookery into a series of simple steps in recipes that anyone can follow.

Our no-nonsense guide walks you through the basics, eliminating any confusion about what works and what doesn’t. We’ve designed every recipe to deliver maximum medicinal benefits while controlling the dosage you’ll get per serving.

Of course we included traditional treats like fudge, granola bars and gummies, but we’ve also thrown in recipes for cannabis salve and tincture to treat joint and muscle pain. And as a bonus, all of our edibles will be just as delicious if the cook uses vegan substitutes or gluten-free flours.

We hope you’ll love our recipes. Happy cooking!

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“Munchies & Potions: An Ultimate Guide to Healthy Cookery with Cannabis Is a much needed guide for the proper preparation of cannabis-infused cooking. The instructions are both simple, useful, and unencumbered with too much information. The recipes look absolutely amazing, and the amount of work that went into making this work is astounding. For anyone who has ever wanted to learn how to make their own edibles properly, this book is as timely as they come.”
– B.C.